African instruments are divided into groups such as “idiophones” (instrumsnts that resonate) , “Aerophones” (instruments that require wind), “chordophones” (instruments with strings), and “membranophones” (instruments that have a skin).

Here are some African Instruments that you should know about:

  • Talking drum or Donno (membranophone)
  • Djembe Drum (membranophone)
  • Kagan Drum (membranophone)
  • Kidi Drum (membranophone)
  • Shekere (idiophone)
  • Mbira (idiophone)
  • Agogo (idiophone)
  • Xylophone (idiophone)
  • Kora (chordophone)
  • Zither (chordophone)
  • Ocarina (aerophone)
  • Voice
  • Dundun (membranophone)

African music is also filled with body percussion such as hand claps, foot stamps and body slaps.