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A Full Head of Dreams

Amidst speculation that Coldplay’s latest album will be their last, “A Full Head of Dreams” is due to be released on 4th December and certainly will head to the No.1 spot on the UK Album chart just like all previous releases of their albums. Chris Martin had previously suggested that this new album (their 7th) could be their last. This would be seriously disappointing as the band is one of the most streamed bands in history.

My favourite Coldplay song is “The Scientist” which was inspired by a song that one of the band members in my favourite band wrote. George Harrison, a member of The Beatles, wrote a song called “All things Must pass” and this is the song that Chris Martin (and others) based The Scientist on.

What is your favourite Coldplay single and why?

Club Dance Music Overview

here is another chart giving an overview of club dance music

Club Dance Influences

This is a chart showing the major influences on different types of club dances styles.

Club Dance timeline

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