There are several techniques that composer employ to create minimalist music:

  1. Augmentation – this is where the not values are doubled in length i.e. a crochet becomes a minim
  2. Diminution – the opposite of augmentation
  3. Phase shift – when the composer is using audio clips they will split the signal between left and right channels. They will then speed up one of those channels to create a looping effect
  4. Addition Рa composer will add notes one of two at a time to build up to a motif.
  5. Subtraction – the opposite of addition
  6. Melodic transformation – gradually changing from one motif to another by way of small changes i.e. you could replace a C for a C# and then a D
  7. Rhythmic Displacement – a composer will move a rhythm by a certain number of beats (inserting a rest at the beginning and then shifting the rhythm on by a beat)
  8. Use of polyrhythms – polyrhythms are many rhthms, layered overr each other that create singular rhythm

Here is an example of melodic transformation: