The long anticipated Star Wars film arrives in our cinemas in December but the trailers are already doing the social media rounds. This week a new trailers was released that contains only the music. Here it is:

So what is the music that you’re listing to? Well, basically its a rework of some of the major themes from previous films, with some added genius!

At the beginning of the trailer you can here the “Han Solo and Princess Leia” theme from The Empire Strikes back, only altered:

The problem, film buffs, is that this is the wrong theme entirely. I mean, this is the Han Solo and PRINCESS LEIA not the “Han Solo and Rey” theme. Perhaps it points to something different. As many bloggers are suggesting, is Rey the twin of Hans Solo? (only he looks old enough to be her father ……) Of course, we won’t really know until December but the music certainly gives us some indication that things aren’t as straightforward as they seem!

You’ve also got the “Trade Federation March” theme in the trailer from Phantom Menace:

As well as the famous “Force” theme:

The music is remincinet of all “good vs evil” films, like that of the Dam Busters:

and from Romantic Era classical traditions, sounding something like Holst: