One of the great performers of the 20th Century has decided to hang up the lycra, put away the face paint and allow the curtain to finally fall on his musical career. David Bowie, a pop icon, will never tour again. At least, that is what his agent (presumably now his former agent) has said. It’s been over 10 years since the pioneering pop star last took to the stage. Now aged 68 he has decided that enough is enough.

No one in the history of British Rock Music has had so much success for such a long time. All of his contemporaries – where are they now? He has released 26 studio albums, 9 live albums, 46 compilation albums, 5 EPs, 110 singles and had 5 UK number ones. He has also released 13 video albums and 49 music videos. I pity the fool who can remember how many times Bowies has reinvented himself – from the alta ego “Ziggy Stardust” to splendid minimalist style of “Always Crashing in the Same Car”.

One of his most recent singles to be released was in 2013 and was, perhaps, a song about himself – an older person reminiscing about time spent and time wasted. His most recent, released in 2014, only managed to reach 18 in the UK Charts so maybe it is time for Bowie, under pressure, to take a seat.

Maybe that’s a sign of modern love but I don’t think anyone is going to be dancing in the street. Bowie is still one of the music industry’s greatest heroes.

COMPETITION – how many Bowie songs are hidden in this post?